Smile Wide with Orthodontic Aligners

Smile Wide with Orthodontic Aligners

Braces are connected with wires and hence encourage the teeth to move from their existing position to the one the patient wishes it to be. Aligners are a series of customized, tight-fitting mouthpieces that you can easily slip over your teeth. The main brands for the same can be known as the following- Invisalign, Clear Correct, Inman Aligner and Smart Moves, amongst others. Ask your dentist to know which would prove to be the best option for you.

It is mentioned though, that getting clear orthodontic aligners or any other Orthodontic treatment in Marietta, GA is not an option for everyone. You should consult your dentist to make sure whether they are the right option for you, and also make sure that they have had prior experience of treating patients with aligners. You can ask for references from friends and family, while also look online. I did both and came up with the option of going to Orthodontic Aligners in Marietta, GA and surely made the best decision possible. You can even get before and after images of patients who got the same treatment as you want and be sure of your decision in advance.

As the orthodontic aligners are custom-built to provide tight-fitting to your teeth, they might prove to be the best option for adults or teens. Straightening the teeth of a child is a little more complicated as they are still going through the stage of losing and getting new teeth. Their mouth is still getting accustomed to the natural changes and hence, shouldn’t be meddled with too much.

Furthermore, these orthodontic aligners are best used for patients who only have mild or moderately crowded teeth, or have minor spacing issues between their teeth. In cases of severe under-bites, overbites, or cross-bites, more complex treatments might be required.

How do they work?

Once the orthodontist or the dentist understands your needs and wants, they will plan the next step in getting you your perfect smile. While getting the orthodontic aligners to keep one thing in mind, there are going to be sessions to adjust them accordingly for making sure they fit your teeth throughout. You might want to go for clear orthodontic aligners, which are made from a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth, but can be removed for eating, brushing and/or flossing. You’ll get a new set every few weeks to make sure that your teeth keep on shifting from their current position to the desired one. Teeth straightening in GA need not be a difficult task provided, you find the right match with a dentist.

How long does it take to work?

The treatment time or the time required to get your teeth in the perfect alignment completely depends upon how much movement is required from their original position to the required one. The more your bite is off the place, the more crooked your teeth are, the longer time period it shall take. The treatment time usually ranges from 10 to 24 months, but if you are an adult, who has had braces during childhood, and your teeth have already shifted slightly over the years you used braces for then you may need these aligners for just 10 weeks or so.

You not only avoid having a “metal mouth” by using these plastic braces but now, you also have the option of removing these aligners from time to time as and when required. This not only helps you brush and floss better but overall, keeps your oral hygiene intact, which is a big problem for the people using braces as they often have to feel embarrassed or are compromising their oral hygiene unknowingly, when food particles get stuck to their braces and they are not even aware of it.

Let go of your inhibitions regarding the dental treatments, and at least approach a dentist before making your final decision about what option is better for you, instead of postponing the treatment for long. The aligners will make your teeth perfect while not disrupting your social life. So what are you waiting for? Go and get that smile you deserve!