Our In-House Dental Discount Care Plan

At Engineered Smiles, one of our goals is to make the highest quality dental care accessible to everyone, including those without dental insurance. Even the cost of regular, routine visits can be costly when you add up the fee of each individual service needed. For this reason, we offer a great dental care plan that allows you and your family to receive exceptional dental care at affordable prices.

Our in-house dental plan—known as the Care Plan—is available for use throughout the year. For an initial fee of $199, you get access to reduced-fee dental services until the end of the next calendar year. Each annual renewal is just $99. Your regular, routine visits have bundled fees that combine all necessary services into one low price every visit.

Benefits of the Care Plan

Dental procedures can be costly at times, especially when you need several complex dental treatments over a short period. The Dental Care Plan helps alleviate the financial burden of dental care by giving you access to reduced fees for your necessary treatment at Engineered Smiles. By choosing the Care Plan, you will get the guarantee that affordable dental care is well within your reach when needed.

Our Care Plan comes complete with no deductibles, no waiting periods, no annual maximums, and no restrictive clauses. If you are ready to enjoy exceptional and affordable dental care, sign up for our Care Plan today!

Care Plan membership includes:

  • Bundled, reduced fees for all routine cleanings and exams
  • 10% discount on all necessary dental procedures, including dental implants
  • All routine radiographs included at no additional charge. (Does not include 3D cone beam CT scan)
  • Preventive fluoride varnish included with every cleaning
  • Annual complementary oral cancer screening using ultraviolet fluorescence detection

Terms and Conditions

  • The Care Plan is not dental insurance—it is a discount plan to make dental care services affordable
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with a dental insurance plan
  • Cosmetic services are not included
  • Call or visit us for complete terms and conditions