Orthodontic Aligners in Marietta, GA

Traditional metal braces continue to be a popular and effective treatment for straightening teeth, but by now, you’ve probably heard of the alternative of clear aligners. One of these systems is orthodontic aligners, which consists of a series of clear aligners that work to change the position of the teeth. You can find this treatment at Engineered Smiles if you are looking for orthodontic treatment in Marietta, GA.

How do Orthodontic Aligners work?

Orthodontic treatment works to change the position of the teeth by applying a small but steady pressure on the teeth to slowly move them along the gum line. Traditional braces do this with wires and brackets and orthodontic aligners does it using custom-made aligners. The aligners fit to your teeth and are slightly different to each other so that they gradually move your teeth around until you are left with a beautiful, straight smile.


Besides the obvious of having a better appearance than metal braces (as orthodontic aligners is made of a clear plastic that appears practically invisible), orthodontic aligners from Engineered Smiles offers several other benefits. It is more comfortable because there is no metal involved that can scratch or prod at the tissues in the mouth. It is also easier to clean as the aligners are removable; you will be able to brush and floss as normal and will only need to give the aligners a rinse to keep them clean.


To have the orthodontic aligners made, you will need to visit an orthodontic aligner provider, such as Engineered Smiles in Marietta. The aligners require a doctor’s prescription, and you will need an orthodontist to monitor the treatment. The shape of your teeth will be captured through x-rays, photos, a scanner, and/or impressions. This information will be evaluated to create a custom treatment for you and sent to the lab where the aligners are made.

Treatment will require you to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day. This time is necessary to give the teeth and gums the opportunity to adjust to their new position. You will be able to take the aligners out to eat, if you wish, but you’ll have to be extra careful to clean your teeth thoroughly afterward to prevent food from getting lodged between the tooth surface and the aligner. The aligners will be switched out periodically according to the treatment plan. By the time you reach the last aligner, you should be left with a straight smile that you’ll love. A retainer will be necessary to prevent the teeth from shifting.

To learn more about orthodontic aligners and determine whether or not it is the right procedure for you, contact us at Engineered Smiles in Marietta to schedule a consultation.