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Make Your Dental Insurance Work for You

Dental Insurance Forms

As the end of the year looms closer, this is the perfect time to review the benefits of your dental insurance and make the most of it. If you are not familiar with the details of your insurance or your health savings account (HSA), you could be on the verge of losing money. Dental insurance…

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You Have Such a Nice Smile!

Dental Appointment

Everyone loves to hear those words. A nice smile does wonders for a person. It can open doors of opportunity, enhance your social life, give you self-esteem and self-confidence and make you and those around you happy. A smile has a special power that produces a variety of positives for those who give and those…

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Are You Ready for Dental Veneers?

Beautiful Smile

The perfect smile catches the eye and is hard to miss. Unfortunately, few people are born with such smiles. Most perfect smiles have had some kind of help along the way. Many celebrities who have those bright, white perfectly pristine smiles have had dental work performed to achieve such smiles. Many of them have turned…

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How You Can Prevent Mask Mouth

Dental Checkup

The pandemic has changed how we do many things in our daily lives. Even as the country works on getting to the new normal, the coronavirus and its variants hold everyone hostage to uncertainty. Mask wearing, though spotty in general, is mandatory for some individuals due to health reasons or because of their work environment.…

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Smoking and Dental Implant Disappointment

happy elderly woman after dental implants treatment showing her perfect teeth in a smile

Smoking is one of the worst, if not the worst, habits that anyone can have. Smoking jeopardizes your health in many ways, often leading to a severe cancer diagnosis and death. While most people are aware of smoking’s effects on the lungs, how much do you know about how smoking affects your oral health? For…

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One Simple Way to Improve Your Smile

Refreshing Water With Fruits

Isn’t it nice when there is a single thing that you can do to make your life easier? Unlocking your car with a key remote is fantastic when it’s raining or when your hands are full. Protecting your home and family by pressing one button to turn on your security system is easy to do.…

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Vaping: What Parents Need To Know

Woman Holding E-Cigarette

As parents, there are always things that we need to discuss with our children. Some conversations are easier to have than others, but it is the parents’ job to make important conversations happen. A new topic that parents need to discuss with their children is the growing popularity of vaping. Vaping is a popular habit…

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A Dry Mouth Poses Serious Oral Health Risks

Dental Patient

When allergy season hits, millions of Americans begin to suffer. Here in Georgia, we are well into allergy season, but the pollen is still everywhere. One step outside, and you can see the yellow dust covering cars, outdoor furniture, and decking. For those of us who are allergic to pollen, springtime is often most enjoyed…

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What to Do if You Break a Tooth

Tooth Pain Marietta GA

Knowing what to do ahead of time in an emergency not only prepares you for the situation but also increases the likelihood that a positive outcome will occur. Dental emergencies are no exception. Your smile is one of your most unique features. Not only does your smile help people recognize you, but it also gives…

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Painless Treatment For Tooth Decay

Root Canal Therapy Marietta GA

There are few things more painful than an infected tooth. Ask anyone who has dealt with a severe toothache, and he will tell you that the pain is agonizing and unbearable. It is the type of pain that will interrupt your life and affect everything you do. An infected tooth, one that has severe tooth…

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    Jennifer W.

    Absolutely love this place, I’ve been coming here for the last two years. I didn’t have insurance when I first started, and they had a great payment plan that they were able to let me work with. I see Jennifer, and she is the absolute best! Dr. Wang and his entire staff have always been extremely friendly and helpful. I will continue coming back to this location for years to come come!

    Edward G.

    Like most people I don't particularly enjoy going to the dentist. The staff, hygienists, and Dr. Wang himself make this practice the best one I have ever gone to. I have been I patient for over a year now. I recently made the decision to get a filling from another dentist redone. That filling had me terrified because my last dentist didn't properly prep me. I told Dr. Wang and he listened very attentively and took the necessary steps to make sure I was properly numbed and fixed my filling and I didn't feel a thing! The shop itself is very clean and organized. It's and old Bank building and they cleverly used the value for the X-ray room. A big shout out to Jennifer for being great and very gentle with my cleanings. Also, the office manager Autumn, for always working with insurance for me and getting the financials as low as possible without me having to ask. I have recommended several people to this practice and all have had great experiences and continue to go back. This practice is absolutely worth checking out!

    Becky K.

    Dr. Wang and his amazing technology create incredible results. I have had an implant and a crown and they are perfect replicas of my original teeth, only healthy. Also, the work was efficient and practically pain free!! He and his support staff are all kind and gentle. This practice is highly recommended both by me and by my husband!

    Jean R.

    Dr Wang went above and beyond to make sure I thoroughly understood his proposed treatment plan for a front tooth implant. He spent almost an hour on the phone with me addressing all my questions and concerns and outlining his reasons for choosing a particular method or timeline. He was patient and specific. The following day he spent even more of his time demonstrating some of the incredible technology he would be using to ensure success of the procedure. He is incredibly smart and his engineering knowledge seems to be coming in handy!! Wonderful dentist with a broad range of talent!

    Sanjay P.

    I’ve continued to use Dr. Wang as my dentist for several years and have always been more than happy with him. His staff is excellent and Jennifer, my dental hygienist, was friendly and did a great job. Dr Wang is always thorough and takes the time to answer all the questions I have - I trust him and continue to refer friends, family and coworkers to him and they have always been happy to say the least!

    Margo W.

    I could not get my regular dentist and Dr Wang popped up on Google as if by magic! I have a severe phobia about dentists but the glowing reviews about Dr Wang and his staff gave me courage to make that call after years of putting off the dentist. I was still anxious as I arrived for my appointment (I would not have gone but for the pain I was in) Dr. Wang was so personable cheerful and took his time explaining the procedure. He was very gentle. Even though I can't remember their names I can't say enough about his staff who displayed the same patience and encouragement. No one has paid me to do this review. It's all my true feelings. Dr Wang you have a patient for life in me

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