Family Dentistry in Marietta, GA

Engineered Smiles is the premier family dentist in Marietta, Georgia. We are here to provide all the services that you should need, and we are ready to treat every stage of oral health.

When it comes to family dentistry, we are here and ready to assist you in every stage of your oral health from infancy to adulthood. With friendly staff and advanced technology, we are quite capable and ready to treat teeth for patients of all ages.

Children need special care and attention when it comes to dental treatment which is why our team is an optimal choice. General dentistry sticks to caring for permanent adult teeth, while at a family dentistry, we broaden our range of focus to include children’s premature teeth and growth as well.

We provide comprehensive services, including:

  • Regular cleanings
  • Cavity fillings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Orthodontics

The location of Engineered Smiles is quite convenient as we are right on the main road and easily accessible to those searching for us.

At a family dentist, you know that your children are in safe hands. It comes as no surprise that some children are afraid or wary to see a dentist, so we work hard to gain their trust and make them feel safe and happy. Teeth cleanings can be a fun time for everyone. No one needs to be stressed.

Oral hygiene and care needs for children grow with them and their teeth, and we are prepared to treat them and teach them along the way to help make the process easier for you, the parent.

Some dentists may be cavalier with children, and that can teach them to have anxiety at dental visits. We never get angry or treat them carelessly; instead, we focus on a strong yet gentle approach along with explaining everything we are doing. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be an educational and enjoyable experience.

Another benefit of visiting Engineered Smiles for all your family dentistry needs as that we accept both CareCredit and LendingClub to help make sure you are able to provide the needed services for your family.

Set up an appointment today and you won’t be disappointed!