An Exhaustive Guide to Sedation Dentistry

An Exhaustive Guide to Sedation Dentistry

Visiting a dentist is an essential step for ensuring the good health of our teeth. There’re several dental care procedures that one can undergo under the supervision of a dentist. Many people are brave to undergo these procedures but some suffer from fear and anxiety. The reason that some people fear dental procedures can be their bad past dental experience. If you’re visiting the dentist near you for the first time you can feel anxious. The solution to dental fear and anxiety is sedation dentistry.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry or ‘sleep dentistry’ refers to dental practices which are used to calm the patient. Certain sedation drugs are administered to the patient to make him more comfortable during the procedure. All sedation drug does not render the patient unconscious or completely at sleep.

During regular sedation dentistry procedures, the patient is awake and aware of his surroundings. Depending upon particular circumstances the level of sedation will vary from minimal to moderate sedation. General anesthesia, where is patient is completely unconscious of his surrounding is only administered occasionally.

Types of Sedation used in Dental Procedures

The sedatives used in various dental procedures are diverse in nature depending on the patient’s requirements. After considering the overall health condition of the body the doctor may use the necessary drug. Several of these sedatives are:

1. Inhaling sedatives- The patient is allowed to breathe a certain type of gas to calm him down. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas is popularly used for sedation purposes. The gas is mixed with oxygen and then administered to you via a mask. Nitrous dioxide helps in alleviating the pain, thus allowing the patient to remain calm. This gas is used by various dentists in Marietta, GA including Engineered Smiles.

The amount of gas administered can be regulated by the dentist. The patient remains in a conscious state after inhaling the gas. The effect of the gas withers away quickly , which makes it completely safe.

2. Oral Sedatives- It involves popping a prescribed sedative drug before the procedure. It is also popularly known as conscious sedation. Depending upon the nature and intricacy of the procedure the dose is prescribed by the dentist. They are generally in the form of capsule or in a liquid form. Oral sedatives are also very helpful in reducing pre-procedure anxiety and in relaxing the patient.

Oral sedatives do not put you to sleep. The patient is conscious and awake but may feel little drowsy. It usually takes some time before wearing off completely. To avail the services of oral dentistry in Marietta contact Engineered Smiles.

3. IV Sedatives- IV or intravenous sedation includes those types of sedative drugs which are administered through veins. The sedative drugs mix with your blood very quickly leaving you sleepy. One of the IV sedatives is twilight, where the consciousness level of the patient is low. This does not mean that the patient is unconscious or in deep sleep. However, the patient is hardly aware of its surrounding.

IV sedatives are only used in complex dental surgeries. Engineered dentistry is the pioneer of IV dentistry in Marietta. Their experts have years of experience in the field of sedative dentistry.

4. General Anesthesia- One other form of sedative used in various dental procedures include general anesthesia. Anesthesia is rarely used under the umbrella of sedative dentistry. It renders the patient completely unconscious. The patient has no recollection of the entire procedure. It might take a couple of hours before the effect of the anesthesia completely withers away.

Anesthesia is only administered only when the patient has a healthy body. Heart patients are not administered anesthetic drugs.

Sedative dentistry is very helpful in treating dental accidents and injuries. A dental accident or injury can leave the patient in great pain and agony. Immediate medical attention is required in these circumstances. With the help of sedatives, it becomes very easy to calm the patient and ease his pain. It is, for this reason, it’s also preferred by the patients. Engineered Smiles is the best sedation dentistry in Marietta that consists of dental experts. Contact them for any procedure related to sedation dentistry.