Snore No More with Our Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snore No More with Our Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you’re having problems sleeping because of excessive snoring, the first thing you should know is not to hit snooze on this dangerous condition. And here’s something else you may not have known – snoring and sleep apnea can be treated with an oral appliance that allows you to find relief from these nightly disturbances.

Why Wear an Oral Appliance as a Treatment Option?

If you ask most people who are undergoing traditional CPAP therapy for their snoring and sleep apnea, they’ll probably have ample complaining to do about the treatment method. CPAP treatment is unattractive, unhygienic, and uncomfortable for many users. But oral appliance therapy is just the opposite! Patients have heralded oral appliances for the following reasons:

  • They’re comfortable and easily worn
  • They’re silent to use – say good-bye to your noisy CPAP machine
  • They’re extremely portable and can be secretly stored away for privacy
  • They’re convenient for frequent travelers or sleepovers
  • They’re easy to take care of

Upon your visit to a dentist near you in Marietta like Engineered Smiles, the dental care team will discuss even more benefits of oral appliances so you’ll have a full appreciation of this proven treatment method

A Full Evaluation is a Part of Your Treatment Plan for Sleep Apnea

Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive clinical evaluation that includes taking x-rays as well as examining your airways, tongue, teeth, and jaw. When your oral appliance is ready, you will need a follow up to make sure it fits optimally so it can also function as effectively as possible.

Additional Reasons to Consider Sleep Apnea Treatment in Marietta, GA

Apart from disturbing anyone you share your bed with, snoring and sleep apnea can have dire consequences on your health. These conditions can even contribute to premature death if not treated. Some other fallouts from the conditions include weight gain, diabetes, daily fatigue, mood swings, and an increased risk of accidents. So, here’s a question for you. Why take those types of risks with your health when there’s treatment from a dentist near you in Marietta? Call our office to speak with a professional about your oral health, how it can be improved, and how treatment can be received for sleep apnea, snoring, and other issues.