Tooth Extractions & Preservation in Marietta, GA

The main goal at Engineered Smiles in Marietta, Georgia is obviously the same as any other dentist: to preserve your natural teeth wherever possible. The sad truth of the matter is that not all teeth can be saved, though we always give it our best attempt, when possible. There comes a time where some teeth just need to be removed.

Most people think of wisdom teeth when tooth extraction is mentioned, but it may also be necessary for overly crowded teeth, decayed teeth exposing the nerve, or cracked teeth as well. Extraction is preferred when the tooth is hopelessly beyond repair, or if saving the tooth is financially unfeasible.


An extraction is when your tooth needs to be removed because it is negatively contributing to your oral and overall health. This usually can be a routine procedure for most dentists to do.

Surgical extractions are sometimes required if a tooth is decayed too far down past the gum line or is broken off to that point.


When we can, we prefer to preserve any adult teeth. This can be anywhere from providing a filling, placing a crown, or even bone grafting depending on your needs. As we’ve mentioned before, our main focus at Engineered Smiles is helping you keep your original smile wherever possible.

Advanced technology and state-of-the-art comfort are available to help meet your needs. We even accept CareCredit and Lending Club when it comes to payment so that you don’t have to worry about putting your family’s teeth first. We want dental care to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Fortunately, our office is also located conveniently on the main road and is easy to find for everyone paying a visit. We have a highly trained and friendly staff ready to take a look inside your mouth and see what care is needed. Give us a call today at Engineered Smiles to set up an appointment.