Cosmetic Dentistry in Marietta, GA

Have you been dreaming of having a perfect smile like the ones you see on TV and in the movies? Curious as to how all the big stars get such beautiful and perfect smiles? The answer is really quite simple: cosmetic dentistry! At Engineered Smiles we are happy to provide a range of Marietta cosmetic dentistry options that can address a variety of imperfections and improve the appearance of your smile. Not sure if cosmetic dentistry in Marietta is right for you? Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Marietta cosmetic dentist at Engineered Smiles today!

Dental Veneers

Do you have discolored, damaged, decayed or otherwise imperfect teeth in your smile? Dental veneers are a versatile and affordable option that can conceal almost any imperfection, leaving the patient with a smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is another extremely versatile and affordable dental care option which can be used to correct and conceal a variety of dental complications and imperfections. Dental bonding material is applied directly to the affected tooth before being sculpted and perfected.

Dental Implants

Are you missing one, several or even all of your teeth in the upper or bottom row? Dental implants are a newer option that allows patients to permanently and securely restore the missing teeth in their smiles. Dental implants are surgically attached to the jaw, eventually becoming part of the patient’s real smile.


Do you have crooked, misaligned, gapped or otherwise malpositioned teeth in your smile? Orthodontic care can improve malpositioned bites and teeth, making the appearance, function and health of the patient’s smile better.

Teeth Whitening

Does your smile have dull, discolored or stained teeth? Professional teeth whitening treatments can improve the color, shade and appearance of your smile in just one appointment! Unlike store-bought teeth whitening treatments, professional teeth whitening is less likely to cause tooth sensitivity and gum damage along with providing results you can actually see.

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