Replace Missing Front Tooth: What Are the Best Options in 2019?

Replace Missing Front Tooth: What Are the Best Options in 2019?

If you’re missing a front tooth, it can take its toll on your confidence and the mouth can feel quite strange without it. Since your smile is the first thing others see when you talk, it can impact several areas of your life. At Engineered Smiles, you have several options to restore a tooth that is missing from the front of the mouth. Some of the best ways to replace a front tooth in 2019 have been outlined below.

You Won’t Have to Live Life with a Gap for Long

There are many solutions to replacing a missing tooth with a prosthetic that looks natural. While you’re waiting for your tooth replacement, many dentists provide temporary dentures that can be removed at your convenience. These can be used to cover your smile until you have restored its beauty. Three replacements your dentist may provide include, removable dentures, dental implants, and bridges.

Removable Denture

Removable dentures are either partial or complete. Partial dentures replace several teeth missing in the mouth while a complete denture replaces an entire arch of teeth. Getting complete dentures can take a significant amount of time, and numerous trips to the dentist may be needed to make sure it fits perfectly in the mouth.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are the closest thing to having natural teeth in the mouth. The implant is inserted into the mouth and allowed to heal so that prosthetics can be placed on the post. It stimulates the jawbone, keeping it from degenerating and causing facial collapse along with other issues. They look just like your real teeth and can last for more than two decades.


Dental bridges come in several different forms, many of which involve using teeth adjacent to the gap as an anchor and cementing a prosthetic into place. They can also either be fixed or resin-bonded. Fixed bridges are a bit more invasive than resin-bonded bridges and require the adjacent teeth to be prepared before the application of the bridge.

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