Difficulties During Dental Extraction & How to Deal with Them

Difficulties During Dental Extraction & How to Deal with Them

Even when dentist often tries to avoid requirement of dental extraction, it is sometimes quite essential. In case when decay or cavity is large and there is a fear that it may spread to another tooth as well, extraction becomes essential. The procedure of extraction requires proper care so that no complication occurs.

1. Local anesthesia not working

In case when tooth Extractions & Preservation process is to be carried out, often anesthesia is required so as to ensure the comfort of the patient. Local anesthesia is essential but this can get problematic in some cases which can create big issues for both patients and doctor. In cases when there are situations such as pulp tissue in a canal, alternative drugs is to be provided or patient has swelling, anesthesia may not work.

2. Limited mouth opening

While at the time of extraction, dentist needs to open the complete mouth to operate easily but sometimes there is limited mouth opening which may create an issue. This may be because of infections, swelling or decay etc.

3. Fainting during procedure

Sometimes the patient faints during the procedure which makes it hard for dentist to perform the tooth extraction procedure. This may be because of the fear of the treatment or avoiding food before the treatment. A doctor must thus ask the patient to eat something before the treatment so the patient can avoid eating for at least 3 hours after the surgery.

4. Tooth breaking while extraction

While at the time of Dental Extractions procedure, there is always a risk of breaking of multirooted teeth which are connected to each other. This break can be problematic and thus it is always better to conduct a pre-operative dental x-ray before the extraction. It is very important for the dentist to carefully use forceps for pulling of teeth.

Every complication that may arise during tooth extraction can be avoided and thus it is essential to consult an expert dentist to know about all this right information before the extraction procedure.